Approaching Menopause in a Healthy and Natural Manner

As a woman ages beyond her reproductive phase in life; she enters into a phase of life in which there is a decrease in hormonal production; which marks the onset of menopause. This hormonal decrease affects many different body functions for which the hormone functions in the body for. It is therefore important to understand how to control the effects of these effects of menopause to ensure that aging in the woman is seamless into her golden years.

The easiest way to control and guide the body through a healthy menopause cycle is through diet. A woman’s diet is a large determinant in how healthy they will be during these years. Certain dietary restrictions and supplements can help provide the body with different its’ many different requirements that may be lacking due to the onset of menopause. Some great foods to try out during this time include; flax seeds, soy, sesame seeds, fresh sea fish; for their high omega 3 fatty acids; and red clover tea. Heating of flax seeds should be avoided as it destroys their nutrient value. Other foods that should be included in the diet include; olive oil, sunflower seeds, garlic, oats, black eyed peas, and beets; due to the beneficial estrogenic value that they possess.

Addition of herbs into the diet is also another great way to ensure that the body’s nutritional needs are met, and that the effects of menopause are dealt with in a natural and healthy manner. Herbs such as Black Cohosh, Ginseng, and Yam are also great foods to make use of, especially for the control of; moodiness, dry flashes, vaginal dryness and pain that may be felt during this time.

Other than being conscientious of one’s diet, it is recommended that regular exercise be included in the routines of women with menopause; as research has shown that it offers some relief from the various menopausal symptoms that may be felt at this time. Light exercise is preferable, and one can try; yoga, swimming, jogging, or any other exercise that gets the heart pumping faster. Exercise not only helps a person get the relief needed through the different stretches of muscles included; but it also allows for the release of endorphins into the body; which is recommended as the ideal solution to offer a boost in overall mood and help with the moodiness that menopause brings. The body is also able to take in more oxygen, which helps with the relief of stress that might be building up in the body.

Homeopathy has also been shown to be a highly effective solution for dealing with menopause naturally. The main aim of the treatment is to achieve symptomatic relief for the woman. One of the more common ones is Cimicifuga; which helps deal with; hot flashes, mood swings, sweating at night, and vaginal dryness. For those women who experience migraines and extremely hot flashes during the day and night, Lacheisis is the most preferred alternative.

There are numerous ways in which one can deal with menopause. It is strongly recommended that natural methods be used prior to trying any other medications; as natural methods are generally safer and do not have grave side effects accompanying them; as other methods may.

Source by Md Abdur

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