Bird Feeders – How to Make a Simple Bird Feeder With Your Kids at No Cost

If you want to add a new bird feeder in your yard, you don’t have to go to the store and shell out a lot of money for one. You actually can construct a feeder at your home. It really is easy and quick, and you are not going to require that many materials for it either.

What you’ll want to start out with is a basic one gallon milk jug. Obviously, rinse it out thoroughly first to ensure there is no remaining residue from the milk inside. Let it dry, and once it’s dry, then place the cap on the jug and stand it up in the area you’re going to work in.

On both sides of the handle, cut holes that are approximately 3 inches in diameter. The holes need to be pretty high on the jug so the bird seed is not going to leak out from the jug when you’re ready to use it.

Below the big openings, you can use a nail to punch a little hole, in which you’ll be able to insert dowels. The dowels are where the birds will come and perch to nibble on the food. Just be sure that the perch sticks out two inches on both sides so birds can easily perch.

Use the nail once more to punch holes in the milk jug neck. This should be done an inch or so under the lid of the milk jug. Then you will take some wire and run it through the holes, twisting it together at the top. That is what you will use to hang up the bird feeder.

Now you are done making your simple bird feeder. All you need to do is fill it up with some birdseed. Take it outside and use the wire ends to suspend it from a tree or another kind of support in the backyard. In order to attract many different birds, choose black oil sunflower seeds in your new bird feeder.

Source by Craig Bennett

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