Black Walnut – Wart Killer

My son had been pestering me about this “thing” on his big toe for awhile, and to tell you the truth I didn’t think it was much of anything, so yes, I put him off and didn’t really take the time to look into the matter completely. By the time I actually examined the “thing” it was a huge planter wart on the side of my 5 year olds big toe! Huge and disgusting!

My first thought was, “I hope I have some Black Walnut tincture in the cupboard.” Crazy you say? I was raised by herbalists-what else would you expect me to think of? I didn’t have any handy, but knew where to get it, so I picked up a bottle (for just $12.99) and started the treatment. I dropped the tincture onto a cotton ball until it was mostly saturated, placed that on the wart then wrapped it with conform and thin strips of athletic tape. Band-aids didn’t work around that little toe, but this tape job certainly did! We applied it every evening and the bandage lasted all night and the next day. When bedtime came again we redid the bandage, soaking a new cotton ball with Black Walnut and reapplying the tape. We ran out of conform and started using folded pre-wrap over the cotton ball then securing it with the athletic tape. Both methods worked fabulously. Even with all the wrapping a little bit of the tincture got on his sheets, and it stains, but twin sheets aren’t expensive so that didn’t bother me at all.

If you’ve been to the doctor to have a wart frozen off, it sort of shrivels up and dies. This did just the opposite. It grew, and grew and grew-it looked like a mushroom! My husband was wondering how this would play out, and my son got a little nervous that it got so big, but we just kept applying the Black Walnut every evening and watching this crazy thing grow on his toe. Pretty soon the top of the mushroom got loose and came off. There was still a big wart with lots of seeds, so we just keep applying the Black Walnut. Then one day, after about 5 weeks of being diligent, the main part of the wart dried up and fell out. It left a huge crater in my son’s toe (which he thought was SO COOL). I applied the Black Walnut again that evening and by morning the crater was gone, the skin had completely evened out. There were just a few seeds remaining in the site so we continued the procedure and the site of the wart got smaller and smaller with fewer and fewer seeds until his skin closed up completely and became completely whole. No evidence of any seeds or that he ever had a wart at all!

It was amazing to watch his toe heal from the inside out. We gave the body the tools it needed to rid itself of this viral infection and it did. No scarring, no recurring warts. His body did exactly what it does best-healed itself. It just needed the right tools. And in this case those tools were one bottle of Black Walnut tincture, cotton balls and tape. No doctor visits, no insurance billing, just simple, at home remedies.

If I run into this again I’d apply the tincture morning and evening to speed things up a little-but it’s nice to know that it works with just one good application a day! I love caring for my family this way!

Source by Tara Eyre

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