Curing Candida Infection Through Diet Alone – Is It Possible?

A warning that we will never get rid of candida through diet alone is partly right. If we only eat pumpkin seeds, grapefruit seeds, black walnuts, raw garlic, fresh ground cloves, cayenne pepper, olive oil, fresh ginger tea, fresh oregano, thyme, peppermint, cinnamon, pau’d’arco tea, and ground flax, wouldn’t that be a diet to cure the candida completely?

Sadly, I’m too normal to embrace such a diet. And my family hates the smell of garlic shooting out from every pore of my body. This will happen if you mince 5 cloves and swallow them on an empty stomach – which I did! It brings on some gloriously vicious die-off, and I had no symptoms for 2 weeks. But they forbid me from doing this again as they keep saying,”…can’t handle this!”

Dr. Michael Murray in his book “Stomach Ailments” and “Digestive Disturbances” makes the claim that raw garlic is more effective at killing candida than nystatin. Isn’t that interesting?

Another option for candida sufferer is colon cleansing. There are many ways you can go about doing it, but I recommend reading Bernard Jensen’s “Guide to Better Bowel Care”. It’s enlightening. Most colon cleansing programs do use enemas, because they achieve the goal you want in a minimal amount of time. Using bulking agents alone- like psyllium, flax seed, pectin, bran- will take much longer. But don’t use laxatives because once your body becomes addicted to them, it can never recover and learn to evacuate normally. Also your colon regards them as poisons.

Source by Angie Lindsey

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