Oil Price Hike – Bless Or Curse?

As this article is written the crude oil price on 15 March, Saturday 2008 at 09:55:35 am is $ 101.15. There is no indication that this number is going to decrease. Crude oil price is no longer cause by politics or events that happened it is the matter of supply and demand. Demand is increasing from all over the world and the supply as we all know will dry up in just the matter of time.

It is a bless or a curse?

1. For the investors who invested in the oil sector, it is a bless, the price goes up, so does the stock. It is a curse for the low paid employees because the inflation is slowly eating them.

2. It is a bless for the oil exporter country for now, but will be curse later if crude oil is still the main country income because they will become consumer when the oil is not needed anymore.

3. 95% of the people in the world are curse because most of the consumer products are base on crude oil. At the same time it might be a bless for the environment as people are searching for the new free energy.

4. It is a curse for the world economy because the blood of the economy is oil. It is a bless for the world economy because there are a lot of new opportunity will emerge and there might be a shifting wealth from one country to another.

5. Bless for those who have high financial intelligent, wisdom, bravery, visionary, creative, innovative and stay ahead of the big event. Curse for the people who are just sit and catching while the events is moving in the speed of light

6. What happen if the blood of the industry is dried? For the big scale solution there is only one answer: nuclear energy. It is a bless as well as curse because it is a clean as well as destructive energy.

In conclusion, crude oil price hike is effecting everyone financially as well as socially. As a member of the world population the only way to survive and maintain the standard of living is to keep on investing your mind financially. Always remember this: every problem is an opportunity.

Source by Timy Foo

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