The Venezuelan Government Blames Everyone But Themselves For Their Economic Implosion

Not long ago I was at our local Starbucks discussing US Politics and the Democratic Party, specifically the word “Progressive” as a label for someone who was a Democrat Voter. I noted that this word was all wrong, merely because today the Democratic Party in the US is very pro-Socialism, and since Socialism doesn’t work, it would be ‘regressive’ and not ‘progressive’. My acquaintance said; “Yes, isn’t that some wonderful branding,” and added, “How can you fault someone’s political beliefs if you start with the premise that they are for progress?”

Somehow our conversation led to the challenges of the Venezuelan economic implosion and complete breakdown of society and how their once great civilization was under maximum stress and how it doesn’t look good, more like the final stages of a slow-motion train wreck.

There was an interesting article recently in the Wall Street Journal titled: “Venezuela Detains Citgo Executives for Alleged Corruption – Attorney general accuses company officials of trying to defraud country, but critics say arrests owe more to turf wars inside government,” published on November 21, 2017 and written by Anatoly Kurmanaev. The article stated:

“Venezuela’s intelligence agency arrested 6 top executives at the U.S. subsidiary of state-oil company Petroleos de Venezuela SA, as part of what authorities are calling an anticorruption ‘crusade’. Attorney General Tarek Saab said the acting president and 5 board members of the subsidiary, Houston-based Citgo Petroleum Corp, tried to defraud the nation through a planned $4 billion financing deal with 3 little-known foreign investment funds. ‘Organized crime has been taking root in the ranks of PdVSA,’ Mr. Saab told reporters.”

What the hell, I dare to ask? You see, it’s my view that Venezuela has just about defrauded everyone with their socialist spending, nationalizing of businesses, and failure to pay on its debt. These socialists knew they could never pay back that money, now they are claiming it is the Oil Companies’ fault? Hmm? The ghost of Hugo Chavez continues to play the anti-West, anti-US, anti-Capitalism, anti-Blue Eyed Devil card. Venezuela is totally out-of-control and a failed state, all this was predicted as soon as they launched down the path of socialism.

Venezuela turned their backs on the US Dollar, Global Economy, and Western Trading Partners. Hugo Chavez used his hatred based form of Nationalism to rally his cause, all the while hijacking the flow of capital, oil, labor, and power to his own end, and that’s literally what happened, isn’t it?

Source by Lance Winslow

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